Historical recordings

Pianistic discographical repertoire is detected with certainty in the following countries: Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Iran. It is relatively safe to assume that their neighbours have at their disposal similar material. A common characteristic of this geographical area, despite the large diaspora, is the major role played by musical modeness, which emerges as a link for the aforementioned traditions. When the piano infiltrates these traditions, either participating in an orchestra or solo, not only does it oblige us to re-evaluate the boundaries between ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ music, but also their supposed opposition within an especially charged polarizability. It also allows us to deconstruct all kinds of exoticisms (orientalism – occidentalism), revealing evidence of a creative coexistence, which transcends conventional borders and cultural stereotypes. By clicking on the name of the country, you can listen to a sample of the historical recording by pianists of each region. Here, distinction by nation-state is often imprecise and is purely for practical reasons. Many protagonists were active during periods when borders and political powers were undergoing change.