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He studied at the University of Leeds, UK (PhD in ‘popular musicology’ and master’s degree in ‘music performance’) and at the University of Macedonia, Greece (bachelor’s degree in ‘music science and art’). His research interests move around the urban popular musical idioms directly connected with the music industry. More specifically, priorities are: the music syncretism existing in the aforementioned styles; the significance of the orally transmitted musical traditions; the scientific constitution of discography; recording technologies; musical analysis. Finally, due to his professional pursuit as a pianist, the performance techniques and the pedagogical and musicological approach of the popular piano in eastern musical styles (see eastern-piano.com), constitute his latest research activity. He is a temporary academic staff at the TEI of Epirus, School of Popular and Traditional Music. He is an active composer (five discographical works), a member of Modern Greek Studies Association and of the Hellenic Musicological Society, and he has recently started working on a new project entitled ‘The Eastern Piano Project’ about which he has organized workshops and seminars.

For more information please see ordoulidis.gr.