He studied at the University of Leeds, UK (PhD in popular musicology and master’s degree in music performance) and at the University of Macedonia, Greece (bachelor’s degree in ‘music science and art’). His research interests revolve around the condition of musical syncretism in popular music. Moreover, the performance techniques and the musicological research on the role of the piano in folk and popular musical styles of Eastern Europe, Balkans, Mediterranean and Middle East constitute his latest research activity. He is a member of the Modern Greek Studies Association, of the International Council for Traditional Music, and of the Hellenic Musicological Society. Since 2014, he teaches as an Academic Scholar at the Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina. He has published three monographs: The Recording Career of Vasilis Tsitsanis (1936-1983). An Analysis of his Music and the Problems of Research into Greek Popular Music (Ianos, 2014); Cloudy Sunday and the Akathyst Hymn – A Mirroring or a Reflection? (Fagotto, 2017); The Eastern Piano Project – The Rebetiko Era (Prigipessa, 2018).

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